Panic Devices & Locking Mechanisms

Commercial Glass Security Door Repair in Houston

Glass Security Door RepairYour commercial glass door is the first line of defense for your business. A secure and properly functioning door deters potential intruders and safeguards your valuable inventory and equipment.

Just like any other part of your building, commercial doors experience wear and tear over time. This can lead to malfunctioning door closers, misaligned hinges, or damaged glass. Worse, a malfunctioning door can be easily forced open, compromising your security.

Buffalo Glass Company offers comprehensive repair services for your commercial glass doors. Our technicians can diagnose and fix damaged door closers, door pivots, lock mechanisms, and connected panic devices. Don’t let a compromised door leave your business vulnerable – contact us to schedule commercial glass door repair today.

Panic Device and Locking Mechanism Service for Commercial Doors

Your commercial entryway needs to be both secure and accessible. Integrated panic devices and locking mechanisms help your glass doors achieve this.

Panic devices are the horizontal bars on the inside of the door that allow for easy and quick exit during emergencies. A simple push triggers the mechanism, allowing a speedy escape regardless of strength or dexterity. A proper panic device remains functional even when the door is locked, ensuring a safe exit during emergencies.

Locking mechanisms secure the door when closed. This can include high-security deadbolts with reinforced strike plates for maximum strength, electronic keypads for user-controlled access codes, and even keyless entry systems with fobs or smartphone integration for added convenience.

Our technicians can service and repair existing integrated panic devices and locking mechanisms, or install a new system with your commercial glass doors to meet your security needs.

Repair and Replacement for Door Pivots and Door Closers

When it comes to your entry door, even minor issues can create a negative first impression for potential customers. That’s why you want to make sure your doors open and close smoothly and easily. Commercial glass doors rely on two key components to work properly: door pivots and door closers.

Door pivots act as the hinges for your door, allowing it to swing open and closed. In a typical floor pivot system, a spring-loaded mechanism embedded in the floor holds the door upright and facilitates its movement. A damaged pivot will cause the door to wobble or swing unevenly.  There also might be a noticeable gap between the door and the floor or frame, or the door may scrape against the floor as it swings.

Door closers ensure your door closes gently and securely. A hydraulic mechanism controls the closing speed and force, preventing slamming and potential injuries. A faulty closer can cause the door to swing shut with excessive force, or it might not close completely. The door may also move sluggishly or jerk throughout its closing arc.

If you are feeling frustrated by a wobbly door or a forceful slam, our technicians can perform fast, hassle-free repairs so your commercial glass door opens and closes smoothly and securely again.

Glass Security Doors for Your Business

Our experts can recommend the ideal glass for your commercial doors. Choose from:

  • Annealed Glass: Affordable but least secure, shatters easily. Ideal for low-risk areas.
  • Tempered Glass: Stronger, shatters into blunt pieces (minimizes injury risk). Great for high-traffic areas but can still be broken.
  • Laminated Glass: Top security option with multiple glass panes for a strong barrier against break-ins. Best for maximum security.

Fast, Knowledgeable Commercial Glass Services from Buffalo Glass Company

If you need commercial glass door repair quickly, our team is here to help. We offer repairs, replacements, and installations—all with exceptional service. Schedule an affordable commercial glass door repair appointment now.