Commercial Glass Replacement for Your Business

Replacement for BusinessSince 1956, Buffalo Glass Company has been Houston’s trusted partner for commercial glass solutions. We are here to keep your storefront, office, or building looking its best. We can replace or repair commercial glass doors, including connected panic devices or locking mechanisms.

There’s a big difference between the glass in your home and the glass in a commercial building. Commercial glass prioritizes durability, safety, and impact resistance. This helps ensure that your business can withstand potential security threats and the extreme weather events we experience on the Gulf Coast.

Replacement Glass for Doors in Commercial Buildings

Accidents happen in commercial buildings, and glass doors are often the first line of defense.  From a delivery person accidentally hitting the door with a cart to severe weather events or even an attempted break-in, your glass door can sustain damage.

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for your business. That’s why we offer replacements for the glass pane in your existing door frame quickly and for a reasonable cost.

Commercial Glass Replacement to Maximize Safety and Security

When it comes to your property, security is essential. Tempered and laminated glass are both excellent options for commercial glass. Our experts at Buffalo Glass Company can help you choose the right type of glass based on your specific needs and security requirements.

Tempered Glass: This type of glass is ideal for locations near doors or the ground floor. It’s about four times stronger than regular annealed glass, shattering into small, blunt pieces upon impact.

Laminated Glass: This glass consists of two panes of annealed glass bonded with a clear interlayer film. When struck, the glass cracks but remains held together by the film, making it much more difficult to penetrate compared to tempered glass.

Expedited and Affordable Commercial Glass Repair

Buffalo Glass Company provides fast, affordable glass replacement for commercial  buildings. Let our experts help you choose the best glass solution for your business to help protect your property and your assets. Contact us for a free commercial glass quote.