Commercial Glass for New Construction and Remodel

Glass for New ConstructionWhen designing a new commercial building in Houston, glass plays a crucial role. Large storefront windows showcase your business, while strategically placed glass partitions inside the building can maintain a sense of openness while separating designated work areas.

Given the hot and humid summers in Houston, high-performance glass is essential. This glass can maximize natural light while ensuring proper insulation, keeping your new building comfortable year-round.

If you are revitalizing an existing commercial space with a full renovation or remodel, elevate it with stunning new glass elements. Consider incorporating expansive glass walls or windows to increase natural light, or add custom pieces like frosted interior glass doors for added privacy.

Our team at Buffalo Glass Company will work with you to find the best commercial glass options for your construction project that sets your building apart. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote for all your commercial glass requirements.

Storefront Glass and Doors for New Building Projects

When it comes to designing a new commercial building in Houston, your storefront glass and doors set the tone. Large, clear flat glass panes in your storefront windows and doors have a classic and timeless look. This style maximizes natural light and has a clean aesthetic.

For modern building designs, floor-to-ceiling storefront glass walls can be used to create a dramatic entryway. Plus, a subtle patterned design or frosted pattern on commercial glass doors increases visual interest while maintaining light flow.

We can make the vision for your commercial glass storefront and doors a reality with secure, high-performance glass options that look great and save energy, helping to make your new building both attractive and sustainable.

Upgrade Your Business with New Commercial Glass

An outdated building can create a negative first impression for customers. Renovating your commercial space can help revitalize your business and attract new customers. Commercial glass upgrades can make a big impact in your remodeled space. This may include:

  • Replacing outdated or damaged commercial storefront glass and doors with energy-efficient options to create a brighter, more welcoming entryway.
  • Upgrading to glass partitions to define work areas, maintain a sense of openness, encourage collaboration, and create a modern aesthetic.
  • Replacing old windows with high-performance glass to improve natural light, reduce energy costs, and enhance the overall look of the building.
  • Incorporating elements like glass shelving or custom mirrors to create a sophisticated feel.

Your Reliable Commercial Glass Partner – Buffalo Glass Company

For new commercial construction in Houston to business renovation projects, rely on us for all your commercial glass needs. Upgrade your space, enhance functionality, and create a lasting impression with quality glass solutions. Contact our team now for a free commercial glass quote.