Commercial Glass & Doors

Commercial Glass for Houston Businesses and New Construction

Commercial GlassWhether you’re dealing with accidental glass damage, undertaking a renovation, or constructing a brand new property, our team will work closely with you to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality for all your commercial glass needs.

We can also provide custom glass solutions for your building’s interior, including plate glass windows or partitions, flat glass doors, and glass shelving. We’ve been serving Houston-area businesses since 1956—contact us for a no-obligation commercial glass quote today.

Windows, Doors, and Storefront Glass

We specialize in providing fast, affordable commercial glass for your business, including windows, doors, and storefront glass. We offer a variety of styles and materials to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

In Houston’s competitive business landscape, a welcoming storefront makes a big difference in attracting customers. A glass storefront or clear glass doors helps showcase your products or services, and creates an inviting atmosphere to draw potential customers inside. Plus, natural light from large windows and glass doors benefits your employees by promoting a more positive and productive work environment.

Our team can also supply or repair door pivots, locking mechanisms, and panic devices for your commercial glass doors and windows to optimize the security of your business.

Glass Supply for New Construction or Business Renovations

Whether you are building a new commercial space or renovating your existing one, Buffalo Glass Company is your one-stop shop for all your glass needs. This includes:

  • Windows
  • Glass doors
  • Glass entrance
  • Security glass
  • Glass shelving
  • Glass partitions
  • Plate glass

From modern storefronts to stylish interior partitions, we offer a wide range of standard and custom glass solutions to complement your design vision. Invest in high-quality glass from the start to ensure a beautiful, functional building that will last.

Commercial Glass Replacement for Old or Damaged Glass

If your property has damaged glass doors or a foggy storefront compromising its security and curb appeal, we can help. Our experienced technicians efficiently replace all types of commercial glass, from single panes in a glass door to expansive double-pane storefronts. We recognize that you need repairs done as quickly as possible to help keep your property secure. That’s why we prioritize fast turnaround times for commercial glass replacement.

Trusted Commercial Glass Source in Houston Since 1956

Elevate your business with Houston’s trusted commercial glass partner. For almost 70 years, Buffalo Glass Company has offered expert solutions for commercial glass doors, windows, storefronts, and more. Get a fast, free commercial glass quote now.