Shower Guard

ShowerGuard Glass for Your Bathroom

buffalo glass coShowerGuard® is an investment that pays off. It protects your new glass shower from damage, ensuring it stays beautiful for a lifetime. This means saving money down the road, as you won’t need to replace prematurely stained or corroded glass.

A waterproof coating can wear or scratch off over time. ShowerGuard®’s innovative technology is not a coating, but a permanent microscopic layer bonded directly to the glass during manufacturing. This creates a super-smooth surface that repels soap scum and minerals so that water simply beads up and rolls off, leaving minimal residue behind.

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Fast and Easy Cleaning – Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

guardian showerguardWhile ShowerGuard® glass boasts exceptional resistance to stains and mineral buildup, occasional cleaning is still recommended. For a quick refresh, simply wipe down the glass with a damp cloth or sponge. As needed, the manufacturer recommends Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser with a Scotch-Brite® Non-Scratch Sponge.

To keep your glass looking its best for years to come, avoid using harsh cleaning methods. This includes scouring pads, steel wool, stiff brushes, and razor blades, as these can scratch the glass surface and cause permanent damage. Do not use cleaners containing hydrofluoric or phosphoric acids, as they can corrode the glass.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A limited warranty offered by Guardian Industries ensures that your new glass will be free from visible staining, corrosion, or discoloration under normal use, for as long as you own the shower in its original location. Guardian emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance following their recommendations. To qualify for warranty coverage, you will need to register your shower enclosure and provide proof of purchase.

Affordable, Quality Shower Glass from Buffalo Glass Company

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