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Commercial Storefront Glass in Houston

Commercial Storefront GlassIf your storefront glass is dull or damaged, trust Buffalo Glass Company to revitalize your commercial space with fast glass replacement at a reasonable price. Our experienced technicians can replace your existing storefront glass quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your business.

For nearly 70 years, we’ve supplied high-quality glass for countless new construction projects across the city. If you are building a new commercial space in Houston, you can rely on our expertise for the right commercial glass products.

Contact us today and let our team help you create a welcoming and secure environment for your commercial building.

Strong, Secure Glass for Your Business

Security is paramount for your commercial property, which is why you want to choose the best type of security glass for your business needs. Tempered and laminated glass are two popular glass choices for commercial storefronts.

Tempered Glass: This heavy-duty option is perfect for high-traffic areas like doorways or ground floors. It’s about four times stronger than regular glass, shattering into small, blunt pieces on impact. However, while this minimizes accidental injury risk, it can also create an accessible opening during a break-in attempt.

Laminated Glass: This option features two glass panes bonded with a clear film. Even when struck forcefully multiple times, the glass pieces are held together by the film. This can significantly deter smash-and-grab robberies and vandalism attempts, helping to keep your property protected.

Storefront Glass Replacement for Business Renovations

Breathe new life into your business with a storefront glass replacement from Buffalo Glass Company. Tired, scratched, or foggy glass can significantly detract from your curb appeal.  Investing in new, clear glass instantly transforms your storefront, creating a bright, welcoming, and professional first impression that attracts customers.

Plus, the benefits of commercial glass replacement go beyond aesthetics. New, high-performance glass offers superior insulation and sealing, significantly reducing energy loss. This translates to lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment for both your customers and employees.

Affordable, Quality Commercial Glass from Buffalo Glass Company

We offer affordable, high-quality commercial storefront glass solutions for Houston businesses.  Replace outdated glass or elevate your new build with a sleek, modern look. Request a free commercial glass quote today.