Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement for Your Home or Business

Glass ReplacementBroken doors or storefront glass can disrupt your day, leaving your business exposed to security risks. We understand the urgency of these situations. That’s why we offer fast and thorough commercial glass replacement services at competitive rates.

Perhaps you’re struggling with a damaged shower door that makes your morning routine a hassle, or an old window is letting in drafts and disrupting your comfort. Whatever the inconvenience, we’re here to help with easy residential glass replacement.

Our experienced technicians have been serving the Houston area since 1956. We are a trusted and reliable company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We can replace almost any type of flat glass, so don’t wait any longer to restore your peace of mind and your property. Send us a service request now to get a free glass replacement quote.

Types of Glass We Can Replace

For decades, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses alike with all their standard and custom glass replacements.This includes, but is not limited to:

Fast Glass Repair and Replacement Near You

Buffalo Glass Company offers fast replacements for all types of residential and commercial flat glass. You can count on us for affordable and professional service. Get a free quote today!