Why Isn’t My Commercial Glass Door Closing Fully?

glass doors closed properly after commercial glass door repair
Keep your doors opening well and closing securely with commercial glass door repair.

Does your glass door swing shut with a satisfying click? Or is it leaving a frustrating gap open? A door that won’t close fully can be a security risk, waste energy, and just plain annoying.

This guide will walk you through some common reasons why your door might not be closing properly. We’ll offer quick fixes you can try yourself, and let you know when it’s time to call in our team to help. Our team at Buffalo Glass is experienced in commercial glass door repair, and we can fix your door quickly and affordably. Contact us now for a door repair quote!

Quick Fixes to Try

Debris and Obstructions

The simplest reasons are often the easiest to fix! Start by checking for debris. Look at the hinges – are they packed with dirt? Check the track on the floor where the door rolls – anything could be jamming it up. Even the top of the frame can accumulate dust and leaves. A quick clean-up might do the trick.

Misaligned Latch and Strike Plate

Open your door and examine where the latch meets the strike plate (the metal plate on the door frame). Does the latch slot neatly into place? A misaligned door won’t fully engage, leaving a gap. Luckily, this is usually a simple fix. Loosen the screws on the strike plate, nudge it into a better position, and retighten. 

It Might Be Your Door Closer

Door closers are those spring-loaded mechanisms usually attached to the top of your door. They’re designed to ensure the door closes with the correct speed and force. 

Each door closer is rated for a specific door weight and size. If the closer is too weak for your heavy glass door, it may not have the power to pull it fully shut. You might need a stronger door closer installed by a commercial glass door repair technician. 

Most door closers have two adjustment screws: “sweep speed” controls the main closing speed, and “latch speed” dictates how fast the door closes those last few inches. With a few small adjustments, we can slow down the sweep speed or increase the latch speed to help the door close properly. If the issue is inside the closer itself, it might be time for a replacement.

When the Structure is the Problem

Sometimes, the issue lies with the door or frame itself, not the closing mechanisms. Here’s what to look for:

Warped Frames

Weather and temperature changes can cause metal door frames to warp over time. With a warped frame, no matter how good your closer is, the door simply won’t align and close properly. This requires specialized repair, often involving rehanging the door or replacing the frame entirely.

Hinge Issues

Hinges allow the door to swing smoothly. Loose hinges throw the swing off, preventing the door from closing correctly. In severe cases, the hinges themselves could be rusted or damaged. When hinge problems go beyond basic tightening, it’s usually time to call in the professionals for commercial glass door repair.

Fast and Easy Commercial Glass Door Repair in Houston

If you’ve tried the DIY fixes in this guide and your door still isn’t cooperating, don’t hesitate to call us. More complex problems with door structures, mechanisms, or even the glass itself often require the trained eyes and skills of a glass repair specialist. From quick tune-ups to full door replacements, we can help keep your business entrances safe, efficient, and looking great.

Don’t let a stubborn door disrupt your day-to-day! Contact Buffalo Glass today for a free quote for your commercial glass door repair. We’ll have your door closing smoothly in no time.